el-Rufai Has Failed Integrity Test – Clergy

El-Rufai v

By Bomba Dauda, Kaduna

Father William Kaura Abba of the Kafanchan Diocese has declared that governor Nasiru El-rufai of Kaduna state has failed the integrity test and does not deserve to be trusted again.
This statement is contained in the homily he presented during the Thanks Giving Service of the ex-Vanguard Bureau Chief, Mr. Luka Binniyat, at his village, Zaman Dabo in Zango Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State.
William urged the congregation not to be intimidated by the narratives of the government of the day, saying, “Do not be intimidated by a certain demented governor who referred to Southern Kaduna as merely constituting only 30%. It is a ploy already to rig us out. We must never succumb to this blackmail and narrative,” the clergy said.
“Those who have boasted about winning elections without votes from Southern Kaduna will have a taste of their budding in the coming elections and we will see how that pans out. We must become our own masters and chart the course for our development. From what we have seen from the government, both at the national and state level, it will be foolhardy to lay back and expect any meaningful development.”
“Nothing has happened since the death of Yakowa. All we get are lies and empty promises. So, 2019 is not too far away. We have been punked by this government. We must be wiser now. We cannot continue to be politically correct, political correctedness is not our exclusive preserve; we have to cast our votes wisely. Once beaten twice shy,” he said.
William also made reference to some of the bitter experiences and maltreatment Southern Kaduna people suffered in the hands of El-rufai – led government and some of the intentions of the government.
He specifically laid claims to the closure of tertiary institutions in the region, the sacking of teachers, the plan by the government to sack more teachers any time soon, the sacking of our districts heads and the jailed of the paramount ruler of Kurama, Dr. Abel Damina.
He also pointed at the threat by the government to merge and rename the traditional institutions back to status quo, the days of oppression and subjugation.
“If we are not wise now, we are never going to be wise,” William conceded adding that, “Vote out any arrogant leader who assumes he is god and plays the ostrich.”
William was emphatic of Southern Kaduna political leaders who government is using as stooges to undermine the region’s political might and those using the region for their selfish political motive.
He said that the people will no longer tolerate them.
“Southern Kaduna will no longer tolerate irresponsible leaders who pretend to be with us but stab us behind. Leaders who do not have the interest of the only place we have to call our home, Leaders who are willing to compromise their consciences for a pot of soup, leaders that are willing to sell or sacrifice the birth right of Southern Kaduna for their own political ambition and their own private agenda,” has said.
William advised that, Southern Kaduna has only one agenda and that is the common good and progress of everyone. Whatever language you speak, whatever faith you profess, whatever political party you belong, we speak only one language: love, peace and progress. Anything that stands against this we uproot it in the mighty name of Jesus.”



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