Dr John Danfulani Thanks PDP Delegates

Yesterday, the 3rd of October 2018,PDP’s delegates of Kachia/Kagarko Federal constituency spoke. Their voice was unambiguous against my aspiration to fly their flag in 2019 House of Representatives race.

Before the primaries,I pledged to accept the outcome of the exercise. As a living democrat and man of faith, I stand by my solemn undertaking.

From set-go,I ran my campaign on a single agenda which is providing my constituents with a productive and sensitive representation. Their decision demonstrated that,I was either unable to market my vision and mission effectively, or they have superior needs than my agenda.

A heavy beaten like this can be painful but it has multiple lesson that are good for a life’s voyage.However,Dr.Schullar “success is never ending and failing is not final” comes to play. Attempting and losing is on itself great victory, and refusing to attempt is an automatic defeat. A life that is running away from tasting the bitter pills of defeat and sweet candi of success is not worth living.

Before yesterday’s electoral calamity,I have ideals viz:holding power accountable; promotion of human rights; expansion of democractic space;and the rule of law. My outright rejection by delegates will never make me turn tail run. I will soldier-on. This experience is like adding fuel to a flame.

I wish to appeal to young men and women to at some point roll-up their sleeves and head to the political ring because talking from the sidelines will not give us a type of society we desire.My misfortune must not scare them to submission. As people of faith, they know that each has his or her fate.Like President Roosevelt would say; the only fear is fear itself.

I want to seize this opportunity to thank comrades,spiritual and royal fathers for their 100% sponsorship of my 2019 House of Representatives project. Their action has testified that I have ideals worth investing their hardearned money and holding night vigils on. My gratitude is wide like an ocean.

Hasta la victoria siempre(until victory,always).

John Danfulani,Ph.D
Awon village
Kachia LGA
Kaduna State
4th October 2018



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