Don’t Trust APC Beyond 2019, Says Buhari’s Returning Officer

The returning officer to president Muhammadu Buhari in the 2015 election, Dr Hakeem Baba-Ahmed, has issued a strong warning to Nigerians not to trust the APC led government beyond 2019.
Baba-Ahmed’s house was the apartment APC was established in Kaduna State which also served as it’s office for months.
The strong warning is coming at a time the level of insecurity and poverty has skyrocketed, reports say.
Latest report indicated that over 84 million Nigerians are now under abject poverty with indices showing millions of Nigerians lost jobs in the last three years.
The UN has also said Nigerian government is encouraging killings by herdsmen since it failed to tackle the menace that has claimed the lives of thousands of people in the North-West, North-Central and other parts of the in the last three years, an aspect the APC promised to tackle.
“I do not believe, in all conscience, that it (APC) should be trusted and encouraged to continue to govern our great country beyond 2019,” Baba-Ahmed disclosed while announcing his resignation from the APC.
Baba-Ahmed who is Senate President, Dr Bukola Saraki’s Chief of staff, said leaving APC has nothing to do with his boss, but gross under performance of the APC.
“After three years, the APC has grossly under-performed, and has therefore forfeited,” Baba-Ahmed said, referring to the reason why he left the APC.
“I need to say that the APC has grossly underperformed, and has forfeited any claim to my loyalty and continued membership.”
“I am not leaving to join another party. This is my decision, and mine alone. It has nothing to do with the President of the Senate, Dr Abubakar Bukola Sarki. It is a decision taken after due consultations with the Akida Group, a group that has pre-dated my appointment as Chief of Staff to the President of the Senate.”
“I will remain active in politics, as this is the main avenue for salvaging our nation from rising insecurity, poverty and bitter divisions.”
“I am grateful for the opportunities I had to chair CPC and APC in Kaduna State, and I wish all our leaders God’s guidance,” Baba-Ahmed added.



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