Don’t Cry, Hunkuyi Tells Sacked Kaduna Workers

One of the leading Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) aspirants for the Kaduna State governorship in the coming election, Sen Suleiman Hunkuyi has urged people that have been sacked by the el-Rufai led government not to cry.

According to Hunkuyi, he will reinstate workers that were sacked by the incumbent governor, Malam Nasiru El-rufai.

“Every District Head that was sacked by El-rufai will be return to office in my first week in office,”Hunkuyi said during a consultative meeting with PDP hierarchy, stakeholders and interest groups in Southern Kaduna.

According to Hunkuyi, the ordinary people of Kaduna State, today, have no adversary that is more than El-rufai. He urged the people of the state, especially opinion moulders, religious leaders, sacked workers and parents that their children are suffering the ill-informed policies of Gov. El-rufai, particularly in the educational sub-sector to see the consensus to unseat El-rufai as a personal project.

Hunkuyi lamented the poor state of infrastructures in the state and the staggering debt accrued over the period of 3 years as a result of non-payment of pension to pensioners and entitlements of sacked workers by El-rufai. “El-rufai has destroyed Kaduna state through unwarranted liabilities, which have piled up over the period of 3 years due to non-payment of pension and entitlements of sacked workers, which is totalling up to N34bn,” has said.

If given the mandate, Hunkuyi assured that he will engage Southern Kaduna leaders to come forward with the region’s priorities that will help improve the prosperity of the region. He further stated, “No region in Kaduna State, under the current government of El-rufai that is sidelined, mistreated and psychologically injured like Southern Kaduna.

“However, it is disaster to just wish to remove El-rufai without thinking of a good and better replacement. After the PDP primaries, if I eventually picked the party’s ticket, El-rufai will know that he is defeated already.” Hunkuyi warned against complacency, saying, among the 10 PDP aspirants, there is a mole that is not in the race for the interest of the party. But, he is just in the race as a spoiler and if you mistakenly give him the ticket is like PDP doesn’t have a candidate.”

He called on Southern Kaduna people to be pragmatic because the region is strategically placed, it will determine who wins the 2019 gubernatorial election.



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