‘Donation Helps In Managing ‘My Blood’ Pressure’

By Prudence Ijah, Abuja

As Nigeria joined the rest of the world to mark 2018 Blood Donation Day, Wednesday, a Safety and Security officer of the Institute of Human Virology of Nigeria, Akindele Fawehinmi, said blood donation in the last 21 years has help him to manage his blood pressure ailment.

To this end, Nigerians have been urged to embrace blood donation as a life style because of its huge benefit in reducing the chances of people loosing their lives to lack of access to blood.

Speaking at the blood drive programme organised by the Institute of Human Virology of Nigeria (IHVN) to mark the 2018 World Blood donor day taged: “Blood Donation As An Action Of Solidarity,” and a slogan: “Be There For Someone Else: Give Blood And Share Life,” Fawehinmi, said after one hundred and twenty days, the red blood cells in the human body dies and becomes a waste hence it is important to donate blood every three months for a man.

He said for woem, they are to donate the blood in every four months except for a pregnant woman who is not fit to donate blood.

While fielding questions from newsmen, the IHVN Blood Safety focal person Abdullahi Abubakar said the world blood donor day is a call for action to increase the blood drive towards improved access to safe blood in the country.

Abdullahi hinted that blood donation helps to regenerate the red blood cells, regulate the hemoglobin in the body and assist in weight loss amongst other benefits. 

A blood donor who was donating for the 4th time Uzoma Nwofor said she donates to lend a helping hand towards saving lives as “emergencies which require blood transfusion occurs on a daily basis”.

The Donor Care Manager Abuja Center Jane Akubuiro said the National Blood transfusion service has daily blood drive, adding that people are screened to confirm if they fit for blood donation. 

The World Blood Donor day comes up on June 14th to raise awareness on the need for voluntary blood donation to save lives.



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