Dichotomy become disruptive when falsely apply – Prof Kabiru Mato

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By Israel Bulus, Kaduna

The Kaduna State Commissioner for agriculture and forestry ‎has observed that, dichotomy only become disruptive only when it determines human behavior toward negative application against the other person.

He stated this on Sunday 24th August, 2017 in a paper presentation with a theme “bridging dichotomies along religious point of view” organized by Minds Alike Network at Epitome hotel in Kaduna.

“In our case, we deploy dichotomy as a tool to segregate the society ‎and further radically divide our peaceful existence for  socio- economic and political structure to achieve our personal objectives.

“If we are to use dichotomy as the process of inter- ethnic, inter- religious group competition toward positive development. For humanity then dichotomy wouldn’t have been a problem,” Prof. Mato added

According to him,” religion is a code of conduct toward our daily lives and toward attainment of better self and the society.

“Religion from the beginning is for political and economical gains‎ for humanity adding, it is a personal enterprise.

“But even among religious bodies there are segragation but we must as a people of conscience see religion as a catalyst to regulate ‎humanity from certain verdicts.

Also, Barrister Kanyip in his paper presentation, bridging dichotomies from political viewpoint, observed that,” over the years, Southern Kaduna has failed to bring out a coherent and generally acceptable political agenda for its people and region. Adding, this is why a forum like this with a more telling theme, “Bridging Dichotomies”, becomes handy and useful, especially at this time and tide that the people of Southern Kaduna have nobody to investiture as a political leader or figure head which places them in the vulnerable position of the proverbial sheep that had no shepherd. 

“The political landscape in Southern Kaduna has more slides than smoothness, and more curves than straights. Delving into its chequered history will not be necessary today as it is a topic for another day. But, it suffices to say that Southern Kaduna has a more indefinite political history than definite as a result of many factors, some which will be considered here shortly,” Kanyip added.

He disclosed that,” The first problem bedeviling Southern Kaduna as a people is the absence of unity as a people. All other problems are trajectories and vectors of this problem.

 According to him,” Southern Kaduna minor ethnic, tribal and dialectical diversity,should have been a source of unity and strength, with proper management that will uplift our status of an ethnic nationality. It worked in the earlier and recent past stressing, it was the Southern Kaduna political unity that ensured the victory of Late Alhaji Dabo Lere (under the NRC) as the elected Executive Governor of Kaduna State in the 1991 general elections by defeating the stronger SDP candidate, Prof. Ango Abdullahi. The election of the Late Sir Patrick Ibrahim Yakowa in the recent past also clearly exhibited the political unity of Southern Kaduna people. 

“The creation of additional chiefdoms in 2000 which was intended to create traditional and cultural autonomy and integration at the same time, has now been misused and desecrated by politicians. They have been polarized and thereby become institutions for ethnic and tribal divisiveness. Chiefdoms, not merit, are now used to determine what goes where or which elective office or political appointment goes where. Some positions are exclusively reserved for the big Chiefdoms, while the small Chiefdoms are left at the mercy of God. The divide-and rule tactic is employed in the Chiefdoms to garner political support and capital. This is because political sentiments and preference differ from Chiefdoms to Chiefdoms. Desperate politicians that have no credible electoral package to sell to the electorates always cash in on this to whip up sentiments to so as to win elections.

“The ethnic communities or tribes that form or belong to the entity called Southern Kaduna have their own share of the blame. A lot of premium is being placed on the community one comes from or the tribe one belongs to in determining the political office that one will be elected into. Just like the Chiefdoms, some juicy and elective positions are the exclusive preserves and rights of some communities and tribes. The same thing applies in the distribution of dividends of democracy and governance. 

Also,”the majority-minority dichotomy is now being employed to segregate communities and tribes for political interests. For instance, a Bajju or Atyap man who is an indigene of Zangon Kataf Local Government Area but resident in Jaba Local Government Area cannot successfully contest and win election there even though both Zangon Kataf and Jaba LGAs are politically married together as a single Federal Constituency in Southern Kaduna. The same thing applies to Jema’a/Sanga and Kachia/Kagarko LGAs. In fact, even endorsing indigeneship certificates to those born in a particular LGA whose parents belong to another LGA is a serious problem. 

Two of the discussants in their different submission, Prof. John La’ah, dean faculty of Science Kaduna state University and Dr. Gugong from the account department of the Kaduna State University respectively observed that,”‎religion dichotomy has become a multi-million naira business were people preach division in order to gains their selfish interest.

“Either  being a muslim‎ or Christians, we know the basic need  of our own people,let provide what is necessary for them and we’ll stay united.

Both speakers continued,” the basic problem is that Mr.A feel he has been sub-change by Mr. B. Both elders, religious leaders, Youths should sit down and chart a new course for Southern Kaduna.

“Lack of political participation and Youth mentorship one of the key challenges bedeviling Southern Kaduna‎. Dichotomy arises when people of conscience deny to discuss their issues.

They also maintained that,” Southern Kaduna don’t have a system were they major the performance of our leaders and as people we must have a system that will guide us.

Chairman of the occasion, Prof. Andrew Nok noted that,” dichotomies are environmental factor in our society. Minds alike Network is trying to bridge the gap‎ in order for us to move forward.

The charge the convened Dr. Ishaku Shekarau to sustain the initiative and campaigns for more advocacy in bridging the religious and political dichotomies that has been existing negatively for long.

Dr. Abdulmalik Durunguwa in his part said,” there is so much advantage in our diversity but we engage ourselves on mundane issues that will not yield anything positive to our existence as a people.

Dr. Ishaku Shekarau ‎convened of the symposium a former Senatorial candidate for Kaduna South 2015 general election said,” the decision to implore the esteem Resource persons and the audience here, to bear in mind and be weary of the concrete fact that we have come to stay as indivisible entity, irrespective of our associated recurring environmental activities and physical demarcation which are Religion, Politics, Tribal and even imaginary man made so-called environmental demarcations. 

“It is sometimes naturally difficult to tolerate and accept these issues. But in all our “Faiths” and “Believes” that we so much cherish, the word “Tolerance” is a recurring decimal. And as we are all aware, if we imbibe this word as a cardinal guide of our co-existence, that will naturally cascade into self respect and enhances all forms of equities, thereby germinating developments in all spheres of life,” Shekarau conclude.



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