Despite Packaging, Nigeria’s President Insists Daura His Constituency

Despite the fact that he was elected in February 2015, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari is yet to recognise the country as his constituency.
The over 70-year-old Buhari has refused to abide by the packaging of his handlers, showing his real instinct during the Sallah celebration.
He described people that gathered by the roadside to greet him as the people from his constituency, Daura.
He demonstrated this by appointing his kinsmen into top security offices like the NIA and the SSS when people from other regions of the country were not deemed fit to be considered in the top echelon of the Nation’s security apparatus.
Coming from the Northern part of the country with his vice from the Southwest, people expected the SGF to come from the eastern region in the spirit of togetherness.
President Buhari moved to his wife’s Northeastern state of Adamawa to appoint a Secretary to the Government of the Federation. During media chats, the president always insist he has been fair to every region in his appointment but all the people managing his internal security are from the Northern part of the country, a region face with senseless killings.
Mr Buhari wore different kinds of attires of various geopolitical zones of the country during the 2015 general elections campaigns.
With the deterioration of the security in the country, he has refused to change his service chiefs for over 3 years despite calls for them to be rejig.
Buhari’s comment on twitter, following reactions that greeted his 800 metres walk is seen as the most embarrassing, dumbest and shameless piece of trash.
Even though others said the president and his handlers are exposing themselves ahead of the 2019 general elections, they are asking whether Daura is now the President’s constituency and not the entire country.
“So, Daura is the President’s constituency not Nigeria? To even tweet this rubbish has revealed in no better or clearer terms the innermost thoughts, mindset and worldview of the president who does not see Nigeria as his entire constituency,” a Nigerian who don’t want his name mentioned said.
“The president has the temerity to openly tweet that “people of his constituency” , when he was elected by all Nigerians,” another responder said.
“No wonder he is running the most clannish and nepotistic regime ever in Nigeria,” another Nigerian said.
“May God redeem us from this mess. No wonder, in the wake of killings of over 200 innocent citizens in Plateau state, he went to Jos and told them that more people were killed in Zamfara than Plateau and Benue combined instead of condoling with the victims,” these were some of the reactions that greeted the president tweet as compiled by Elanza News.

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