Cleen Foundation Launches Campaign Against Injustice

By Marok Nuhu Haruna, Kaduna

Cleen Foundation, a Justice Sector Reform organization has lunched an official project that will provide justice to Nigerians facing injustice.

The programme which held at the Kaduna State Ministry of Justice Conference Room, had in attendance, a representative of the Attorney- General and Commissioner for Justice in Kaduna.

Speaking, the Assistant Program Manager, Cleen Foundation, Mr. Oluwole Ojewale said even though they are playing their part in bringing justice to the ordinary people on the street, added that the main essence was to create awareness about the criminal Justice Sector Reform within the judicial system and in the Nigerian Police.

Ojewale who said other agencies needs to know their role in bringing justice to the people, said during an interview with newsmen that the administration of criminal justice is to promotes accountability and transparency.

He said they wants stakeholders in Kaduna State that will support their project emphasizing they will support the project interms of tracking corruption cases and criminal justice.

Ojewale who said they will create awareness about the use of information online and off line, added that the project will promote transparency and accountability in administration of criminal justice in respect to corruption cases in Nigeria.

Olowale who said the present administration led by President Muhammadu Buhari is doing well in the fight against corruption, added that majority of the citizens don’t seems to be in the main stream participating.

“However, the freedom of information act must be applied appropriately if the fight against corruption must be intense. We should empower the citizens to demand for accountability and transparency within the ambit of the law.

In a paper presentation, Mr Elija Bakam said there is need to harmonise all the laws relating to the administration of criminal justice in the country adding that CPC, CPA and the EFCC should harmonise its investigation in order to come up with facts that will enhance the administration of criminal Justice.

While lamenting the delays in the criminal justice system in Nigeria, Bakam said it was a big issue that needs to be addressed.

While emphasizing the need to dis congest prisons and police stations in Nigeria, Bakam said it will improve the health conditions of the inmates.

“Poor record filling system in government establishment should be looked upon critically to avoid cases of missing documents in some of this agency and ministry,” Bakam said while urging relevant authorities to improve on the areas of ICT.

The use of torture by the law enforcement agencies such as the Nigeria Police Force and unlawful arrest in lieu of abuse of power was also a concerned in Bakam’s presentation.

While commanding the Nigerian Police for its support toward protecting the lives and property of its citizens, Bakam called on the Authority of the Nigeria Police to play it part by ensuring that citizens obeys the law.

The meeting had Justice B. Zubairu and the Kaduna State Commissioner of Police who was represented by Assistant Commissioner, Abdulaziz Danladi and EFCC Legal Coordinator, Joshua Saidu and others in attendance.



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