The constitution of Nigeria, that carries all organic and fundamental laws of the country, states that, ‘every citizen has the right and freedom to live in any parts of the county, without fear of intimidation or harassment’, the constitution went further to assert that, ‘the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government’.
But, it’s pathetic and disheartening to note, that this section of the law cannot be guaranteed in Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna state today.
Chikun Local Government Area, which houses the ever-busy Kaduna-Abuja express way, is now a hub for kidnapping and all kinds of terrorist activities. Prior to the 2015 general election, the people of Chikun local government, voted in mass for the ruling party, making it the third Local Government to give the ruling party a block vote, with the hope, that they have the solution or possible remedy to bring an end the security challenges facing the people in Kaduna State at large.

In the history of Kaduna State, there have never been a time where kidnapping, rapping and killings at will by kidnappers have become the order of the day and a safe heaven to these kidnappers like in this present time.

The insecurity in Southern parts of Kaduna, killings and kidnapping is becoming a thing of the past, glory be to God.

It seems that all the banditry activities that used to happen in Southern part of Kaduna have finally moved down to Chikun communities.
Since last year till date, there is no week or day that the residents of Chikun communities will not be either kidnapped for ransom to be paid or be killed as a result of these kidnappers evil deed.
The unfortunate aspect of the whole issue here is that there is no State in Nigeria that have security apparatus like Kaduna State,for instance,there is Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA),Military Barracks including Jaji,Nigeria College of Aviation,Police College,etc,yet insecurity in Chikun is on the increase on daily basis.
The worrisome aspect of it, is that the residents of Chikun are relocating to a more safe places for fear of being kidnapped,rapped and killed.
Communities in Chikun such as;Gwagwada,Jujji, Atarugu,Dutse, Rijana,Sabon-Gayan,Kwanti,Kakau Kasanya,Anguwan Ayaba,Ungwan Audu Jangba,to mentioned but a few,have been seriously hit the kidnappers menace.
Recently,this month the All Progressive Congress ward chairman of Kakau ward of Chikun LGA went to farm to harvest his farm produce,but luck run out of him such that these kidnappers butchered him to death in Sabon- Gayan.
Another incident that took place in Kwanti where two people of the same family were killed by these kidnappers,as if is not enough,they still kidnapped the mother of the deceased after killing her children.
I am calling on the government of Kaduna State to put an end to these evil because kidnapping,rapping and killing by these kidnappers have become a business venture and a profession in Chikun LGA.
Our people are living at the mercy of these kidnappers and i am calling on government once again at all level to come to the rescue of Chikun residents of Kaduna State.



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