Chikun local government has come of Age- Hon. Maikai Adamu

By Jesse David
Firstly, I remain most grateful to all of you for the unqualified honour you have shown to me, in past weeks I have seen an unshakable will, commitment and resilience from my teeming supporters. I do sincerely hope that we will succeed not only at the rerun election but also win in the art of governance and purposeful leadership.

Let me use this medium to comment on issues that centers around our local government and it’s leadership.

To elect me as the Executive Chairman of Chikun Local Government Area at this current political dispensation is the greatest honour which the people of Chikun can confer on me. However, this high office carries with it enormous obligation and responsibilities. I know it won’t be an office of pleasure; nor is it one of unmixed pomp and pageantry. On the contrary, having regard to our current political realities in which the office will be held; having regard to the legitimate yearnings, the crying and pressing needs of our people; and having regard to our manifesto and action plan, it is an office which, to make a real success of it, will, ipso facto, demand, from it incumbent office holder, a kind of industry, self-discipline, public probity, tolerance, vision and sagacity which I promise to deliver on.

When our people do cast their votes for us on the day of the rerun, they will be doing so in the trust that their hopes and yearnings for a more contented, more enhanced, and happier life will be fulfilled our leadership by God’s grace. We pray that we will not fail them, and we cannot afford to fail them.

Governing over Chikun local government, at anytime, is a very difficult and onerous tasks, over the years our past leaders have failed to consolidate on the confidence that has been reposed on them, as one of the cosmopolitan local government Area is Kaduna State, they should have by now drafted a workable development plan that successive administration will build on.

Chikun local government have indeed come of age and it is in need of transformational leadership, poised to deliver on the dividend and gains of effective, efficient and responsive governance.

In closing, I want to disclose, for the first time, to the entire people of Chikun. At this juncture in my life, my one and only ambition is to have an opportunity to live the rest of my life for history, by means of selfless and beneficent service to the people of Chikun local government in particular and Nigeria as a whole. I do sincerely hope and trust that the good and discerning electorate of Chikun local government will give me that opportunity in 1979, by voting overwhelmingly for me at the rerun election come June 6th 2018.



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