Sarkin Noma

SNG caucus, a group under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Jema’a/Sanga Federal constituency has endorsed the member representing the area, Hon Shehu Nicholas Garba ( Sarkin – Noma) for another term.
Elanza News gathered that the caucus agreed to support and work for Hon Sarkin-Noma for another term.

They described their action to be for the good of the people and generations yet unborn.
“Yet, there are those who may raise the questions; why Nicholas Garba? Or, why not someone else?”
“The answer is as simple as the question. We have left Egypt, we are making progress but we are not yet at the promised land, another term therefore, is the surest way of taking closer if not our destination, there can be no other with a better knowledge of the problems and challenges of the people, let alone the solutions. Without doubt, Hon Sarkin-Noma is the right man for the job.”
“From Kagoma to Ungwan Mailafiya, Kaninkon, Barde to Jagindi, and Fadan Karshi to Gwantu, Arak, Sabon gida etc, there abound visible records of transformation and infrastructure development attracted by our representative.”
“Hon. Sarkin-Noma is an equitable, just and fair representative, an epitome of democratic representation,” a source who was at the meeting said.
He further described Sarkin Noma as someone who is eloquent, charismatic and someone who has the love of the people and God.
“These has endeared him to many. No wonder, he is able to lobby for jobs and federal projects, improved security, and other social amenities without much difficulty.”
“That we have over 105 number of boreholes sunk many motorized and solar water supply and mini water supply schemes, road projects from Ungwan Mada to Mantur; Tsauni Kulere to Tsauni Majidadi with bridge; Kwarabe to Fanock and Gwantu to Gbilla and solar street lights in Gwantu and Kagoma.”
“Physics laboratory was built in KASU Kafanchan, classrooms in ungwan Fari, Kussom and Kasak. Mini irrigation scheme was constructed at Sabon gida and several community projects were embarked upon successfully. Several empowerment programmes were carried out with the unprecedented and timely distribution of fertilizers to the grassroots last April,” he added.
He also said that SNG lobbied and got some projects in the 2017 budget. According to him, they: Road projects from Gbonkok to Ungwan Galadima in Arak; Gwantu to Sanga to Ambe Road and Asso township.
Others are: the completion of ICT centre in Gwantu; solar street lights; Green Houses for training to be situated in the two local governments, block of classrooms in Maigizo, Aboro & Randa; rehabilitation of water supply systems in Godogodo and Ungwan musulmi in Wasa and boreholes; over 30 new boreholes to be sank; and electrification and extension of power supply to Ungwan Gwanda and Kupam communities in the constituency.”
“With the above scorecard, the caucus in one voice said to their able representative carry. The various caucus and stakeholders who came together to publicly appraise, praise and endorse Sarkin-Noma for another term, asked him to continue the good work. Come join this train of success.”
“In attendance at the endorsement was a former Senator, former Commissioners, Ex LG Chairmen, former members of the House of Assembly, Chairmen of the Stakeholders Forum of the 2 LGs and Chairmen of PDP from the 2 LGs in all 120 opinion leaders/stakeholders from the 2 LGAs were in attendance,” he said.



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