CAN Nationwide protest: Buhari urged to restructure security apparatus

By Attah Adgidzi

Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Nasarawa State has declared no confidence in the security architecture under the stewardship of Mohammed Buhari, calling on the president to restructure the security apparatus now before situations gets out of hand.

The state CAN chairman, Bishop Joseph George Masin made this known when he led Christian community in the state in a peaceful protest in Lafia.

Bishop Masin however called on the federal government to declare the killer Herdsmen as terrorist group, as according to him the activities is becoming worst than that of the Boko Haram terrorists.

The CAN chairman who corroborated his views with that of General Theophilus Y. Danjuma, declared that Christians should defend themselves against killer Herdsmen who go about threatening the peace of the people.

He appealed to Christians in the state to remain calm and be alert, saying that “nobody should go out there and look for trouble, stay and stand alert and then defend yourself if something happened happened”.

He lamented that, in spite several plea to the president, Governors of states and other security agencies to stop the killing of Christians, killings still continues unabated.

according to Bishop Masin, “Christians are been targeted and killed in Adamawa, Plateau, Benue, Taraba, Nasarawa and other states simply because of our faith.FB_IMG_15258759846257915

“Everytime Christians are attached, we were told that it is by unknown gun men. Who are these unknown gun men and who is there sponsors?

He frowned at situation where Herdsmen go about with AK47 in the name of rearing cattles in the state, thereby killing and making many homeless.FB_IMG_15258759950830832

He alleged that, the situations in Benue and Nasarawa State was such that the perpetrators had a field day killing, burning churches and houses belonging to Christians, and nobody could say anything.

Bishop Masin accused federal government of an alliance with the killer Herdsmen, saying that, “if indeed there is no hidden agenda, why has the government failed to adequately protect us? Why does the government seems to be religiously based, he asked.

He further that, the silent and inaction of government was a pointer that, some people want to exterminate Christians in Nigeria.

“As these killings go about unhindered we feel that government has a hidden agenda to wipe out Christianity. The story of Miss Lead Sharibu is still very fresh. We call on the government to release Leah soon to continue with her studies.

“We demand that government must be seen to defend all Nigerians irrespective of our beliefs. We call on the government to restructure security apparatus of this nation before it is too late”.

While soliciting for prayers for peace of the country, as we said, Christian no longer have confidence on the security architecture of the county, and unless they are change, the worst was till to come.



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