Budget Passage: NGO Set To Embark On Mass Protest Over Delay


By Sunday Isuwa
A non –governmental organization, Al-mushahid Initiative for
Transparency and Accountability (AITA) which is based in the federal
capital territory (FCT) has proposed to embark on a mass protest
against the legislature and executive arms of government if they fail
to present the Nigerian budget for assent by next week.

The national president of AITA, Ambassador Abubakar Aminu Majidadi
disclosed this in a select meeting with stakeholders in a
non-governmental organizations forum in Abuja to address the
lackadaisical manner in which both the executive and the legislative
arms have handled the budget till date.
Majidadi noted that even though the previous governments are not
entirely exempted from these lapses the present government has
proved to be immensely guilty in the act, he added that a budget life
spam should not be unlimited but for a period of one year between
January to December.
“What we find in Nigeria is that both the executive and the
legislature have allowed self-interest, intrigues and political
supremacy to dominate patriotism to the Nigerian course to the
detriment of the common man, there is so much hunger in the land and
the Nigerian masses are adversely affected by this impudence, he said.
He reiterated the Forum’s commitment to stop the intrigues in what he
termed as the governing body taking the Nigerian nation for a ride, he
further added that the organisation intends to watch closely the
release and implementation of budget hence the planned mass protest
by next week should there be further delay in passage of the budget. ELANZANEWS



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