Book On How Bukar Became Gov With N20,000 For Launch

A book which gives vivid illustration on how Yobe State governor, Sen Bukar Abba Ibrahim started politics with just N20,000 and defeated the powers at that time to become governor is set for launch,it was gathered.

According to the synopsis, which was released by the Bukar Abba Ibrahim Foundation in collaboration with Bass Books in UK, indicated that the former Yobe State governor and serving Senator, started politics with just N20,000 and defeated influential people to emerged governor.

“Bukar Abba Ibrahim first ran for governor with just N20,000 in 1991, against powerful opponents with godfathers, branded vehicles and thugs. He just had friends, with their cars and the people. The people fought attempts to rig him out and he won with a landslide,” it wa disclosed in the part of the book, an encouragement to Nigerians to shun money bag politics.

“Since then, Bukar has become one of the most successful Nigerian politicians. He has been elected governor 3 times. He has also been elected Senator 3 times. He has a wife who has been a commissioner, 3 times House of Reps member and presently a Minister, it was gathered.

Bukar campaigns with very little funds and no thugs, according to the book, left a legacy of zero political thuggery in Yobe state.
“Many people have wondered about the secrets of his success. He wrote the book “Poorlitics” to explain how he did it. With the people fully behind you, you do not need much money, thugs or godfathers to succeed in politics,” the book highlighted.

It was further gathered that the book which is about the story of the little boy from Goniri with the progressives’ manifesto, will be launched at 10.00 am on Monday, 23rd July 2018, at Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotels, Abuja. The proceeds would be donated to the IDPs, the organisers have announced.

“Nigeria needs a new approach to politics, which is generally seen as a costly investment. To ensure success, many politicians put vast amounts of personal funds into publicity, bribes, thugs, rigging and other expensive practices. Failure could mean being ruined for life. On victory, politicians are often forced to make profit to reward supporters, rather than focus on services to the people.”

“Poorlitics – the politics of the poor – is about practical project-based Progressive Political Leadership; delivering value to people as a basis to win in democratic elections, by building trust, love and support from your people, through honest contributions that benefit them. When done consistently, especially before seeking office, and people are convinced of your sincerity, they will give financial support and vote for you repeatedly. It is based on a simple idea. The poor make up the majority. If they are behind you, you need little money and no thugs to defend yourself or your votes,” the Bukar Abba Ibrahim’s foundation said.
The foundation conceded that with poorlitics, elections cost is less.

“You do not need thugs or rigging to succeed, as the people fight for you. On victory, your primary aim is not to recover funds, but to deliver services to the people. As you deliver, they will reward you at elections and in many other ways, increasing your chances of victory in future elections and continuous success through politics,” the foundation added.

The book explains in detail how this can be done by any aspiring politician through studying and emulating the life and political experiences of Bukar, and other great progressive political icons recorded in the book.

“If Poorlitics is taught to more people, it could alter the nature of doing politics in Nigeria. We will initiate an educational process that uses the book to teach the principles and methods, to help more people with less funds to win elections and deliver more dividends of democracy to more people.



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