BABA BEG THEM FOR OUR SAKE, By Tahir Ibrahim Tahir Talban Bauchi 

Baba, and by baba I mean Baba Buhari, before anyone claims that title or prefix; Baba Buhari please beg everyone that is in APC to remain in APC.

Do not allow any governor to leave the bus, do not allow any senator to leave the bandwagon, do not allow a single member of the house of representatives to decamp, do not allow the house’s walls to give way and allow the roof to cave in. This cacophony of dissent, rigmarole, wailing and the evolution of splinter groups both the legitimate and illegitimate ones must not be allowed to rupture our APC and cause it to disintegrate. This journey has come a long way, the task has been arduous and exhaustive at times even proving futile, but nonetheless we made it.

Keeping your eye on the goal and not necessarily on the ball is paramount, if years of sacrifice and forbearance would amount to something eventually. Saving Nigeria from the previous roads and drivers to perdition is not a 3 year course, nor a short term exercise. It is atleast a decade(s) load of committed and unrelenting purposeful leadership. 
Apparently, hosts of the ‘jungle festivals’ that have taken hostage the souls and spirits of the dwellers and the guardians of our motherland are bellowing to each other, causing a congregation of selfish brutes; preparing to lunge at us again and keep us as hosts to their insatiable savagery.

Have we so quickly forgotten where we are coming from and have developed a sickening amnesia that messes with our psychy and makes us believe we were better off because all was well and it was never a steady and dangerous plunge into oblivion? Simply put, before 2015, the Federal Government was borrowing to pay salaries! To say security is good right now is a false claim but yet, today is more promising and more consolidated in terms of measures, progress and effort, despite the political or artificial insecurity that is rife across certain areas. 

Are we going to fail in seeing that artificial poverty has been entrenched and successive election years have seen to the empowering of the ‘naira for vote’ as the ultimate political weapon? If not in your case Baba Buhari, when and where have integrity and anti corruption sold a candidate in this country? These red card, third term, private jet, oil well politicians are scurrying to reclaim Nigeria from us baba, and over and over again, do as they so please with us. Assets and cash worth over 5 billion dollars abroad have been identified and frozen, 800 million dollars is unclaimed in Nigerian banks and is to be taken back by the Federal Government as ordered by the courts, and yet some say nothing has changed? There is a proverb in hausa that  says, “even if you give your adversary gallons of water, he would still say you have filled his trachea and lungs with dust”. No matter what you do, they will never be pleased.

We must not go back to the years of being owned and paraded by a few lot who milk our common wealth dry, fill their septic tanks with millions of dollars and preach to us that Nigeria cannot work because of population growth and inadequacy of resources. Our land per capita figures shows we are rich, both in agro allied products and other resources like oil etc 

Baba, do not be distracted by this macabre dance of a seeming disintegration of APC, and a growing congregation of; (well they are searching for a new name as we speak) Baba, wallahi Saraki and co are not your real and immediate problem, at all at all as Nigerians put it. All the players of the change agenda, from Kwankwaso to Ortom, and from RARARA to every member of the Buhari Support Organisations and groups, and the millions that voted APC into power are as important as the name Buhari itself.
Buhari means a phenomenon or path to recovery, justice, diversity and development. Buhari is a sign or signal to utopia and we have seen the alignment of all the stars and the constellations that we are in the path to recovery and growth. 

Baba, do not allow them to take away your children and your foot

Tahir wrote in from Abuja



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