APC Jittery To Confront PDP In Jigawa, By Adamu Muhd Usman

Governor Badaru Abubakar of Jigawa state has given only two days ultimatum to conduct LGC elections in the state (Thursday 29th, June, 2017–Saturday July 1st, 2017) without proper notification to the oppositions to prefer properly. Now, people should witness what emperor governors of nowadays (Change time) like Badaru is doing in Jigawa State or is he afraid of his none performance that will lead him to witness electoral losses and relevance if he gives enough time to the oppositions to prefer properly?

If the APC is jittery to confront PDP in an election organized by its electoral commission, they will go into coma when the opposition party is ready to crush them in the election. With the dismal or poor performance of the APC led government in Jigawa state, no any political office holder including the governor has the capacity and courage to go on campaign tour in the rural areas. The masses are waiting for the delivery of the empty and spurious campaign promises of the 2015 election.

Local government councils being the third tier of government, the present democratic dispensation have become the most abused institution of government by state governors. Yes, local government councils in the country that are closer to the people have become dilapidated due to the fact that they are being monopolised by governors like Badaru who even determine how and when the elections should be conducted and those that should be elected as chairmen and councillors in the state despite the constitutional directives to conduct the elections. Even the chairman of the Jigawa APC stakeholders, Alhaji Nasiru Garba Dantiye, alleged that governor Badaru was trying to impose candidates against the wish of the electorate.

Governor Badaru should bear in mind that, Sule Lamido is a law abiding citizen but he is not afraid of any political witch hunting and intimidation. He willingly and radically confronted military junta of Abacha for the sake of restoring democracy to Nigeria and he was sent to jail severally, during PRP and military era. Lamido was imprisoned for his emancipation of the masses; Today’s situation is nothing different from mere political witch hunt and coercion.

To this respect, I adivice Jigawa state governor, Alhaji Muhammadu Abubakar Badaru Talamiz to emulate the attributes of his predecessor, Sule Lamido because the present style or approach of Jigawa government’s deprivation, intimidation and vendetta cannot stand, because they are not the principles of democracy. During Sule Lamido’s tenure, the opposition enjoyed equal rights as any other party individual without sentiment, segregation and political affiliations. We wait to see how it goes with these two days notification.



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