APC Crisis: Northern Group Drums Support For Tinubu C’ttee

The Northern Alternative Forum (NAF) has urged members of the All
Progressives Congress (APC) to rally round the Bola Ahmed Tinubu- led peace and reconciliation committee in order to enable it succeed in uniting the party.

The pro-democracy group championing the course of good governance in
the country noted that the only way Tinubu can be successful in
reconciling party members is when the APC governors and other party
stakeholders cooperate with him.

President Muhammadu Buhari had personally directed the setting up of committee, asking the party’s national leader to head the committee saddled with the responsibility of reconciling aggrieved party members.

In a chat with journalists yesterday, national chairman of NAF,
Mallam Gidado Ibrahim, said Tinubu was the best option chosen by the president to resolve the crisis and that his failure would spell doom for the APC.

He said, “Even if the president is to make another choice again, the best option for the party will still be Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu and I believe that he will succeed, but whether he will succeed depends on the governors and party stakeholders. They must be prepared to
cooperate with him.

“Tinubu’s recent appointment by President Buhari to lead the APC team of consultation, reconciliation and confidence-building is the
president’s own way of positioning the party ahead of 2019 because a divided house cannot stand.

“It is going to be a tragedy if Tinubu fails. As far as I am concerned he is the man the cap fits to do the job considering how he worked tenaciously towards the formation of the party,” Ibrahim added, noting that those working at cross-purpose with the former Lagos State governor are enemies of APC working as moles for the opposition.

Recalling the commitee’s terms of reference as specified by the
president, Ibrahim said, “Tinubu’s assignment, among others,
involves reconciling political office holders in some APC-controlled states and addressing crises in the party’s chapters in Kano, Kogi, Kaduna, Bauchi and other states. The task is herculean and a very tall order, but it underscores the confidence President Buhari has in Tinubu.

“We at the Northern Alternative Forum have the same confidence in
Tinubu, a party leader who has worked assiduously in ensuring that
APC is kept as one. Don’t forget that if anything happens to the APC, a platform that produced one of the country’s best president, Nigeria is doomed as a country”.

Ibrahim further advised the Tinubu reconciliation committee not to
take sides but to give equal treatment in the interest of the party
and its members.

He expressed confidence that Tinubu’s appointment would address the
fundamental issues confronting the party at both the national and
state level, even as he maintained that nobody would have solved the party’s many problems other than President Buhari through Tinubu.

The NAF national chairman noted that even the party at the national
level could not solve the problem because there had been disrespect
and disregard for the party’s leadership in the last two years.

“It is of concern that a party that came to power with so much
goodwill, and hope has found itself in a civil war with itself”,
Ibrahim stated, recalling that PDP was not destroyed from the outside, but from the inside.



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