Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir Ahmad Elrufai


The Kaduna State we used to leave in peace some years ago,is not the same Kaduna State that we are seeing today.
Killings,rapping,burning down of houses and stealing from their victim have become the order of the day by Herdsmen banditry.
Most times,one is tempted to ask with all the security apparatus in Southern Kaduna being station,whether the security have been compromised or the Herdsmen are more sophisticated with arm and ammunition such that despite the killings and destruction,the Herdsmen bandit are still having easy walk of freedom,such that they operate successfully without the security personnel either engaging in gun battle or arresting them to faced the wrath of the law.
Since last year till date,there will hardly be a month or two that these Herdsmen bandit will not kill and destroy in Southern Kaduna,Chikun Local Government Area and Birnin-Gbagyi.
Further more,last year 24th December,2016 on the Eve of Christmas,Sothern Kaduna community were attached and casualties were also recorded as a result of these attacked by Herdsmen bandit.
However,during Easter Eve in the month of April,2017,three villages were simultaneously attacked in Southern Kaduna and Chikun Local Government Area.
The attacked left six people dead in Manini Chikun Local Government Area.Three people were killed in Gidan Waya and twelve people killed in Asso.The attacked by these Herdsmen bandit is more of a terrorist attacked than any other thing ,since it’s only terrorist that do launched attacked simultaneously by taking innocent lives.
Finally,some attacked by these heartless Herdsmen bandit were recently launched on the 21th April,2017,killing the people below.
(1)Mr.late Yunana Jatau,he is 35 year old and a Christian by religion from Chikun Local Government Area of Sarari village.He was killed by Herdsmen at about 11:00 AM.
(2)Late Mr. Markus Gambo,he is 65 years years old and a Christian by religion from Kasko village of Birnin-Gbagyi Local Government Area.He was killed by Herdsmen bandit at about 1:55 PM.
(3)Late Mr.Nehemiah Yohanna,he is 31 years old and a Christian by religion from Kasko village of Birnin-Gbagyi Local Government Area.He was shot dead by Herdsmen bandit at about 1:55 PM.
(4)Late Mr.Nuhu Dauda,he is 30 years old and a Christian by religion from Kasko village of Birnin-Gbagyi Local Government Area.He was shot at about 1:55 PM,but later rush to the Hospital before he gave up the ghost.The unfortunate aspect of it is that he got married on the 4th February,2017 and was killed by these Herdsmen,thereby making his wife a young widow.

There are other victims that sustained various degree of injuries as a result of the attacked.
In conclusion,with these details above,i do not like linking my essay with religion,but the fact remains that all these killings are religiously connected.

For the fact that Christians have imbibed the philosophy of Ecclesiastics injunction of turning the other cheek,that does not mean that the government should not bring these perpetrators to book.
It’s high time the State Government wake up to ensuring that all these merciless killings come to an end.
Father God,we are looking up to you as our shield of protection.



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