AMAC gets committee against hate speech


The Abuja Municipal Area Council (AMAC) chairman, Abdullahi Adamu Candido, has set up a 21-man committee to campaign against hate speech in the area council.

Candido, while inaugurating the ‘Committee on National Unity’, yesterday, urged the members to preach the values of oneness, peace and unity as ingredients for growth and development.

“In the last couple of months there seems to be some mistrust among the people that make up this country and there seems to be a kind of bad relationship among the good people of this country,” he said, adding that ensuring a peaceful community was better than providing infrastructure.

He said the members should organise lectures to drive home the importance of peaceful coexistence among residents as no development can take place without peace.

“Without peace and harmony we can’t leave as people, not to think of providing infrastructure,” he said.

The members of the committee who are from various ethnic groups are to submit quarterly reports to him on their activities and their efforts in curtailing hate speech in the area council.

The chairman of the committee, John Bawa, reiterated the commitment of the members to ensuring a peaceful atmosphere.

“We will go to all ethnic groups, tribal associations and political classes to ensure that we enthrone peace in AMAC,” he said. DAILY TRUST. M



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