A Happier Christmas Awaits Kaduna People, Ashiru Says

The Kaduna State 2019 gubernatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon Isa Ashiru has saluted Christians for celebrating Christmas under what he described as daunting challenges, assuring them that should the PDP wins the election, the next Christmas would be a happier one.
According to Ashiru, if he emerged governor the next Christmas would be celebrated under a ‘more prosperous, secure, united and safe Kaduna state.’

Ashiru made this known in his official facebook handle during a goodwill message to the people of Kaduna state. He also said that Christians should use the opportunity to reflect on the noble teachings of Jesus Christ.

Reads the message: “I wish to felicitate with all my Christian brothers and sisters in Kaduna State in particular and Nigeria as a whole over this year’s Christmas celebration.

Christmas which is one of the most significant event of the Christendom serves as an opportunity for both the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and deep reflection on the teachings of Christianity as exemplified by him. It is tradition of Christians all over the world to use the occasion to admonish themselves and even adherents of other religions on the virtues of peace and peaceful co-existence, love for one another, compassion, and utmost sacrifice for the entire humanity.

I therefore wish to call on the celebrants of this important religious event and all citizens of Kaduna State to fully appreciate the immeasurable value of the messages that the birth of Jesus Christ conveys to all of us.

As a Gubernatorial Candidate of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of our dear State, I consider it most unfortunate and unacceptable that this year’s Christmas is being celebrated in some parts of the State in an atmosphere of insecurity and uncertainty. The prevalence of this kind of situation clearly indicates a failure on the part of the current political Administration in the State to provide even the basic security to the affected areas.

Yet, I am very grateful to the almighty God for giving us the grace to celebrate another Christmas in Kaduna state despite the daunting challenges we have had to endure in the few past years. I am also very proud to see that despite all these, our people have carried on with courage and hope for a better state.

It is my sincere prayers and hope also that this time next year, the almighty God will give us another favour to again celebrate, but in a more prosperous, secure, united and safe Kaduna state under a caring leadership that the PDP intends to provide.



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