2019: Women Group Emerges, Vows Not To Take Back Sit

By Marok Nuhu Haruna
A group of young women under the aegis of Young Women Politico (YWP)
has called on young women to avail themselves in politics and prepare
for the 2019 general elections.

Speaking during a media briefing held yesterday at Kukah foundation
center, Abuja, the leader of the group, Mrs Ndi Kato, expressed
concern over the marginalization of young women in politics.
“Over time, young women have been excluded in politics under an
assumption that women are the weaker sex, but the time has now come
for us, the young women to rise up in one accord and do what it is
generally believed that we cannot do; we as women, we will now stand
up to solve our problems without waiting for anybody,” she said.
She further said that some of the problems women are facing include
marginalized, both at home and in the offices. She believes this is
the right time for women to stand up for their rights.
Speaking on this development, some of the participants at the event
said women are being marginalized because of the cultural barriers and
impositions; while others said women are the cause of their
marginalization because most women believe that they cannot stand for



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