Reports reaching Elanza News has it that here is panic and palpable tension within the Kaduna State governor’s camp following the leakage of their 2019 plans.
Our source said the leakage of the plan has change the political intrigues appear to be going from bad to worse for the embattled governor and his cabal.

The situation is said to have led to a series of hasty meetings with principal officers of the Kaduna State government to address matters that otherwise has gone haywire.
The cabal and their boss were devastated by the news of their planned step by step actions that were recently leaked to the press.

In a similar development, Elanza News gathered that there is a brewing disagreement with some members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly who are perceived not loyal to the State government.

Specifically, only two members of the house are said to be trusted by the executive.
The perceived black-ships are said to be members holding some sensitive committees which is considered injurious to the government.
To this end, Elanza News gathered that even though the next plan off action by the el-Rufai’s camp is unclear, it was gathered that there is a plan to persuade other members of the State House of Assembly.
Elanza News further gathered that there it a deliberate plan to send the members of the State House of Assembly to the United States of America. This move, it was gathered, will further bring both camps together.

APC Members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly, it was gathered, have met with their PDP counterparts to lament the high style of governance in the state.
In two separate meetings held in Kaduna and Abuja, one of the aggrieved members in Barnawa, Kaduna South and another in Abuja at a hotel, the members have resolved to commence removal action against the speaker of the Kaduna state house of assembly who is said to have been shielding government.
There seems to be likely very confusing scenario between the aggrieved group. They are said to be predominantly the PDP. Elanza News gathered that the group has vowed to use their powers the leadership style of the governor.



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