2019: Between Performance and Politics, By David Jesse Tanko

Jesse David

If the chef is a good cook, the aroma will be perceived even from the gate post of the house. The Independent National Election Commission (INEC) have long worn the gloves and are setting modalities for the 2019 electioneering process, thou the food is yet to be cooked and served, the aroma is so enticing that many politicians have already start salivating for this meal, and blessed are those who will be vote-worthy to partake in the feast and have a seat in the table of our national affairs.

2019 election in Nigeria will be more contestable than the 2015 election, prior to the 2015 electioneering period, some international organizations and some super-Power’s had gazed and held the view that the outcome of 2015 election would germinate the seed of disintegration and might lead to the total collapse of the entity known as Nigeria, comprehensively the election did not only end well, but Nigeria as an entity still stands. But with the current realities and complexities of Nigeria taking into consideration it’s people, quest for power and prestige and our political culture, we need no fortuneteller to predict the intensity at which the polity will be over heated as we await the 2019 election.

Haven gone through catchy and quite attractive campaign slogan’s ranging from; Transformation agenda, Change agenda, Rebuild Nigeria, New Nigeria agenda etc., which has substantially failed to materialize not metamorphose into a
feasible attribute of good governance over the years, they most time frame up a romantic manifesto and persuade Nigerians to fall in love with it, when it is all said and done, Nigerians will be left in delusion that the well framed ‘romantic manifesto’ was for swindling Nigerian’s and lacks the capability to take Nigerians into a level of political ecstasy, which Nigerians crave for, just like babies crave for milk.

Fundamentally, when nation’s fail to develop, they become vulnerable to a collapse in security and stability, and lose the foundation on which their prosperity was built. Factually, the existential crisis rocking the Nigeria state today ranging from economic, political, security, social and humanitarian crisis, are all product of failed leadership system over the years. The ingenuity, courage and zeal of Nigerians is unprecedented, their ability to smile even in the most painful and cruel situation has remain incomparable, Nigerians are not content to rest on their laurels, basking in the shame of what they have not archived; rather, we are constantly striving to move forward, to grasp with both hands and capitalise on the little opportunities presented to us by our unpatriotic leaders.

The Nigerian citizens only wants little from the government, a well secured society, close and accessible amenities, a level ground to harness their potentials, a working system, a well controlled price system and their welfare should be given utmost priority. Thou disheartening and shocking to note that over the 57years of self-leadership by Nigerians, they have failed to offer, nor meet this little expectations of Nigerians.

Certainly, if we elect good leaders, who are purpose driven, and goal oriented, the negative ills and bad governance will be erased from our country. There is only but one way, in which this can be achieved, this one and sure way is through the instrumentality of the ballot box, a free, fair and credible electioneering process, will afford Nigerians the Privilege to bring men of value and credence to steer the will of our nation.

Therefore, one may be tempted to ask, in view of our Nigeria of today, what should be our yardstick for voting for a candidate come 2019, will it be on the premise of performance of politics?
Remembering the historical victory of the All Progressive Congress (APC) at the 2015 general election, which led to the unseating and displacement of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Many had analyzed and held strongly to the view that, Nigerians at some point of the 16years rule of the defunct PDP, got tired with the gross incompetence and failure of the party to meet the yearnings and aspiration of the masses, as such they were voted out of power, conclusively we could say that they performed below expectation and they were sacked by the masses

And now, the new bride APC, who swung into power with the sole aim of ‘Changing’ the existing status to what will at least meet the expectation of Nigerians.

Two years down the promises are yet to materialize and metamorphose into what the masses actually craved for. Today more than ever before Nigerians are more depressed than ever, the economy has deteriorated, food insecurity threatens, insecurity and mayhem leading to the lost of lives and properties of Nigerians is on a steady increase, our corporate existence as a unified entity is being questioned by several quarters, the government have given far too little to the masses to rekindle the hope of a greater and a more prosperous Nigeria, there is little or no synergy from the president and his fellow APC governors, it’s more like a driver of a vehicle having a different view from that of his passengers, the penury and tears of many Nigerians who lost their jobs have not been wiped off. if we must then be politically sincere to ourselves how many Governors, senator’s, members of both National and State House’s of Assemblies are vote-worthy come 2019?

Within the two years of President Muhammadu Buhari led administration, corruption stands first in the list of his to-do agenda, but the recently released report of bribery case in Nigeria over the last one year, has indeed stain the fabric of President Buhari anti-corruption campaign.

As mortals, we are not totally immune from illness and diseases, no matter your status or position in life, President Buhari is today whipped by sickness, which has kept him absent from his duty for over 105 days, and subjected to medicals in London. Indeed the people prayed and show unending goodwill to Mr. President, no wonder the euphoria and ecstasy that flowed in the nation, when the President made a final come back to Nigeria, the love expressed by his admirers is simply unprecedented. But looking at the current realities, how many are still convinced that President Buhari can deliver on his promises? Many school of thought hold the view that President Buhari has indeed given his best to this nation, the degradation and recovery of funds so far stands him out, mind bugling financial misconduct and aggrandizement of public wealth have been revealed and funds stored in personal accounts and houses were recovered.

If we are to deposit our votes base on the principle of performance and delivery, this adminstration will certainly give back, in the way they actually collected on May 29th 2015. But today we are already seeing how the political gaming of 2019 will look like, the cheerers are hold firm to the mathematical principle of 4+4 for the ruling party (APC), while those from the displaced camp are trying to reject this political permutation and calculation to ensure that the regain power come 2019.

Nigerians need nothing but a system that will work, a government that will perform for the interest and benefit of all, not on the alter of being politically correct and for scoring cheap political point. Let it be known, that Nigerians have a good record of the governments failure and gross incompetence, not minding the political party that hold firm to power or not

Conclusively, in 2019 I foresee a situation were the term ‘Candidacy’ will be more marketable than political parties, there will certainly be a more conscious politically culture among Nigerians, which will affect and shape who will get what, when and how in the polity of Nigeria. We believe that the quest for a more performing leaders will outshine the norms of politics, which has been a basis for electing leaders, it is left for the law making body to amend and induce new electoral laws that will give Nigerians the freedom to focus more on the performance of a to-be leader, than the traditional ways, where the party stands supreme, and only those blessed with the act of winning political gamings will emerge as leaders, who have little or virtually nothing to offer for our national growth and development.
God Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.




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